About Us

The molecular diagnostics laboratory DNA Policy was founded in September, 2015. The lab currently focuses on diagnosing infectious diseases using the Real-Time PCR technique. This method enables the identification of the underlying cause of the illness, thereby simplifying the main principle of treatment – “fight the cause, not the effect”. The goal of the company is to enhance and reinforce the laboratory’s position as an evidencebased component of the patient-doctor relationship. It seeks to showcase the significance and superiority of DNA research in diagnosing diseases, with a strong emphasis on the precision of laboratory research.


• A modern material-technical base, consisting of the CFX96 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection System from Bio-Rad, an American brand, as well as other automated and partially automated systems made in Europe.

• By automating the diagnostic process in the laboratory and utilizing software to process the results, the analysis is made more straightforward and the likelihood of mistakes is greatly minimized.

• Collecting biomaterial for patients is made easy due to the fact that the primary research substance is urine, which can be gathered in the comfort of their own home without any unpleasant procedures. Nonetheless, blood, urogenital smear, and other biological substrates are also utilized as research materials.

• Test results are provided promptly.

• Simultaneous detection of several infectious agents in one biological material – multiplex analysis.

• Availability of PCR-based diagnostics for infectious diseases.

• Flexible system of laboratory services – courier service, email delivery of results.